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Almuñecar is the heart of Costa Tropical. It is a beach bathed in the Mediterranean Sea. It is characterized by its warm, clear water and a subtropical climate that is experiences through the whole year. Historically it has been known and explored by many cultures.

Our history means that not only Almuñecar is lived from its sun and beaches, but a the large and important bastions that watch over and crown the city. From the Castle of San Miguel the visitor can look out, being perplexed by so much beauty towards the sea and the mountains that welcome us. You will find an unmissable place if you come to our land, the Parque de Loro Sexi, which will make you spend an unforgettable family day.

The history of the city is well reflected in another place, very close to our Hotel NOY you will find the park that hides the greatest jewel that Almuñecar has, the Salazón Factory, from the Phoenician era and which is unique among all those that have been found. For lovers of culture and archeology, it is essential to have a good walk at the Majuelo Park. A perfect harmony between plants and history. A botanical – archaeological park that you can only see in Almuñecar.

But not only Almuñecar has been a destination for sun and sand, archeology or getaway for water and sea sports throughout the year. Rather, Almuñecar was a land of merchants that today, due to its strategic location, and continues to be. Almuñecar has become a MICE destination for events, for people and professionals who escape to our lands due to its perfect location and climate. For this reason, NOY offers this service to all professionals who request it, in order to give and contribute with everything they need

Nightlife and leisure are also a good option to choose Almuñecar. In the summer, the city becomes a city that is more than alive, a city that dances, and experience that is ideal for disconnecting on vacation or city break, and even on a day at work.

From NOY we propose only one thing: Live Almuñecar in all its splendor, be it winter or summer, this city will surprise you. Its activities from diving to a walk through the farms that produce the most delicious tropical fruits will make you see and feel the city, each time you come will be different.